What You Want To Know

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What's different about us?

Look at our pictures! Yep, utterly amazing lighting! No really, look again, yep AMAZING!

Look at our Booth!  It's classic! and classy! and yes we do have red velvet curtains to go with it. 

Props, Props, and more props.  We'll bring over 100 of them!!! That's right!!! BAM!

Top-notch service. We'll dress up spiffy and help your guests with choosing props while keeping the line moving and all of the props organized. Our brand is our service.

Can I get a custom logo on the photo strip?

Yes, we’ll work with you to create a custom logo that highlights the event. Additionally, we can add those logos to the individual images hosted in our gallery so that when folks download them and share on Facebook the fun had at that event will get noticed.

Will a deposit be required to secure the rental for my event?

Yes. A $100 security deposit will ensure that we will have a booth there on the day of the event. We prefer check, but will accept credit cards for payments.

When will you be arriving? Do you stay to operate the booth?

We will arrive up to 2 hours before your event to deliver, set up, and host the photo booth throughout your event. We will be at the event to help all of your guests find their best look. You and your guests can just have fun and enjoy the party!

Does your photo booth print the pictures on site?

Yes. Our photo booth is equipped with instant photo printing. Photos are always unlimited so please take as many as you like!

How is the quality of the photos?

Pictures are worth a thousand words! Compare them for yourself. The pictures on our website are taken with our photo booth that we designed.  The photos you are seeing have not been digitally enhanced.

Beware!!!! There are companies that use stock photos on their websites to advertise their company and will sometimes photoshop their photos to make them look better than they really are. With us what you see is what you get. 

Can I get extra copies? How about the digital images?

We can print off as many copies as you want during the event, and guests can go to our online gallery  the day after the event to download the digital copies for free. We will also hand over a thumb drive with all of the digital images before we leave. Our online galleries can be made to be password protected. A password can be printed on each photo strip so your guests don’t need to remember it.

What is an idle hour?

If there is a special occasion at your event (ie. dinner, speeches, etc) we will shut down the photo booth for an hour and reopen it when you're ready.  The charge for an idle hour is $50.

What is the scrapbook option?

This option is very popular at weddings, retirement parties, and birthday parties.   We will  print off an extra copy of each photo strip and paste them into a book for guest to write messages next to with paint markers.  It makes for a great memorable album to keep out on your coffee table at home.  ($100,)

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